The Ample Angelz were originally started in 2008 by Molly Roxx. in 2019 she added an actress promotional service too.

If you are looking for a plus sized model or two for a project you are working on, a runway show, a shoot or anything else please contact us with which Angelz (model(s)) you are interested in, where you are located, what you are looking for the model or models to do, what compensation you are offering, if you offer transportation and the name of your company with links to and about your company. All legitimate offers will be forwarded to the Angelz you are interested in. Please contact us at email:

The beauty of the Ample Angelz is we accept models sized 12+ with no size being too large. We accept models aged 18+ with no age being too high. Models do not need modeling experience or professional pictures. We are accepting of all plus sized ladies. We do not cut you off because of size or age. We do not turn you down because of height or measurements. If you are sized 12 or larger and aged 18 or larger and have pictures of yourself, you are accepted. The Ample Angelz wants to promote you and your unique beauty!

The Ample Angelz is not just about promoting plus sized established models and model hopefuls. It is about promoting plus sized women in general. You do not need to be a model or a model hopeful to be an Ample Angel, you just need to be a plus sized woman who would like to be a part of this plus sized women’s movement. You just need to want to be a part of this wonderful group of beautiful, kind, fun women.