I am now eating all plant based. No more yogurt. I did have some string cheese yesterday, but other than that all I had was fruit and veggies and I continue to go on that way.

I have created a few very simple recipes that I am sharing today also. The key to this diet for me is…eating huge portions of food…Seriously, I have to stay full, otherwise diets do not work for me. So, this is the perfect diet for me. Fruits and veggies are fat free and full of water and vitamins and minerals and I just eat and eat and eat lol and I am down 42 pounds in 2 months. Not too shabby! The only thing I eat other than fruit and veggies is herbs and spices. Don’t hold the string cheese from yesterday against me lol, once in a while, a slip may happen. We cannot punish ourselves for them, we just have to get back on track a.s.a.p., and I did!



1:39 a.m. and I am wide awake and starving and full of cramps, so I am having some seltzer and some cantaloupe chunks. Cantaloupe is so good! It is juicy and sweet and kinda squishy and just fabulous!

Cantaloupe is full of:

Beta Carotene

Vitamin C

Folate (vitamin B9)




vitamin K











Not too shabby,eh?



I started this new, healthier lifestyle because I felt myself dying. I felt myself falling into a pit of depression while stuffing my face for comfort that never came. I felt myself hurting and aching and longing to be anyone but me. I felt completely lost in my own home. In my own body. In my own world. Alone…All alone. That’s why I changed my life. I am down about 45 pounds now. Moving is easier. My joint pain has decreased. I will hopefully be completely out of this wheelchair before the year is through. I am still partially lost, but I am starting to find myself again. I am no longer falling down the rabbit hole, so much as I am clawing my way out of it.



I am currently separated from my 3rd husband and have been for almost 10 years. When I met him I had a ton of friends and slowly but surely he took me away from all of that...Now I am alone most of the time. I got away from him and his abuse, but I left the relationship with PTSD. A lot of people get scared when they hear that, and they don't wanna get involved with a person who has it. Personally, I think that sucks!

I had 3 apples for breakfast today. Not in the mood to do dishes or cook so my options were limited…They were good tho. All red and crisp and juicy!



2 pink grapefruits and coffee for breakfast. 2 grapefruits means 2 Sweet N Low packets. I sliced the grapefruits like they were oranges. These bad boys were squirters for sure! When I was finished eating them I looked like some sort of grapefruit pervert…but they were so good! I also had some coffee with some powdered hazelnut creamer I got from The Dollar Tree. That was good too. I burnt the shit out of my tongue, but it helped wake my tired ass up a bit.



Let’s see…2 days ago I turned 44…Is this supposed to be the prime of my life or have I passed that time already? Anyway…I am having my usual grapefruit seltzer and some fresh cantaloupe for breakfast. The reason I usually only blog in the morning is because after breakfast, which is sometimes fancy…I just eat fruit and veggies throughout the day and evening and into the night. I have come up with a few recipes that I have done for dinner. I post them as I make them, so other than that…I report most mornings. It makes more sense to me, also, I did cheat on the diet with a chicken sandwich on my birthday, some fries too…but I had a garden salad with all of it, lol. My friends took me out to dinner on my birthday and yeah, happy birthday to me…I cheated, and it was good! Not as good as how I feel about myself when I am not cheating, so I continue to diet after the cheat. I will never give up on this new lifestyle, I am feeling too good! The occasional cheat…well, life happens, and I refuse to beat myself up about it.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am having a painful morning. My back hurts and my sciatica is acting up. Fingers crossed Advil will save the day!

I haven’t had breakfast yet, but the plan is for a veggie wrap and some grapefruit slices. Lunch will be vegan chili and dinner will be vegan chili. I am making a mini crockpot full.

I have so much stuff to do between today and tomorrow so…maybe I’ll stay I bed.


Seems I haven’t blogged in 10 days…well here’s what’s been going on: I have been depressed. I miss my son so much, I feel like my heart is trapped in a bear trap.

My dieting is going well. On days when the depression is super severe, I drink V8 instead of eating a meal as I have to force myself to eat when I have spent 12 hours crying. I wish my best friend understood how much I need her as I am always alone and when she’s around, I’m not. I do have a new local friend who keeps me company at times. I just need a roommate. I need a friend that is there for me to see, just so I know in my heart that I am not alone. You have to someties see these situations unfold rather than just getting words from a person who isn’t there but giving sympathy via video chat.

Gonna make some stir-fried veggies for lunch.