A small insect flew into my eye and promptly died, so I buried him in a tissue. Is it tacky of me to send his family a bill for the funeral?


Dieting is getting harder and harder on my pocketbook. Fresh fruit and veggies cost so incredibly much! I don’t want to stop trying to get healthy though, so today I have started the Slimfast plan. You get to eat 6 times a day. They really have changed and improved it over the years. I drank my shake with a black coffee this morning and it was actually pretty good. High in protein and not chalky tasting like I remembered from trying it years and years ago. I am actually excited about this!


Walk away from anyone,

or any situation,

That no longer serves you in a positive way.

You can’t change how society treats you, or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it. Handle yourself with grace at all times. Show them who’s boss in any situation that involves you. Hold your head up high, and carry on.

Going to the doctor today about my kidneys. I have some nodules on one of them and I get to find out if I am going to have to have surgery. I am a bit freaked out. Asked someone to go with me but she shot me down. Claims she is one of my best friends but every time I need someone, she is nowhere to be found.



I know I haven’t been blogging much. I have been in pain and sleeping and depressed and sleeping and I need to pull my ass out of this funk!

For breakfast I had plain oatmeal and some coffee. It is just 9:49 in the morning so I have not eaten anything else. For lunch I am planning to have some fruit salad. For dinner probably some veggie soup and I plan to snack on apples throughout the day.

I am hoping to cheer the fuck up a bit too. I have major depression. I just miss my son so much. I know I need a support group, I just have not found one yet. I am sort of actively looking.



Yay it's Friday! Friday means nothing to me. I work 7 days a week. Weekends are a thing of the past. Vacations never happen. I work 3 jobs from home just to be able to put 5 bucks a week into savings for a rainy day...Every day seems to be a rainy day tho. I want a real weekend with sunshine and friends and pina coladas, (virgin ones for me). Oh well,  even tho I am not living my dream, I am living. I am here. That's really what matters. Be happy with what you have, but never stop striving for more.

Had a big bowl of plain oatmeal for breakfast. When I do that I seem to make it thru the day with less snacking. Lunch is going to be a salad and dinner will most likely be broccoli slaw.