Hello people and welcome to the About Me section of my website. There is a little bio info below but what I really want to focus on is my work and my work with and for others. I run the company On The Roxx13. It used to be called RoxxStarrMedia, for about 4 years but I wanted to reorganize everything, and refresh everything so, with that came a name change. A complete fresh start more or less. On The Roxx13 is a publicist, media, modeling, promotions, company. That's a lot of things, but they all blend well together.

My company has several 3rd party print magazines and websites. Below is a short description of each and every one of them. Just click on the description to be redirected to their individual sites.

Molly has also been modeling on and off for over 20 years and transitioned into very full figured modeling from plus modeling in 2005.  She is represented by OnTheRoxx13.


Molly was also the Model of the year for LargeInCharge magazine in 2013 and the 3rd place winner for their model of the decade in 2015.

(Being that Molly maintains this website herself and that she is rapidly losing her eyesight she realizes the font may be huge and if it is she apologizes lol.)

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  Born in Belleville, New Jersey in March of 1975 Molly Roxx (Smith) has been writing short stories and poetry since the young age of 8. At the age of 17 her first poem was published in the local newspaper of the town she lived in at the time, Lake Forest, IL. Since then, she has had numerous articles, poems, and short stories published in newspapers, magazines, and books.

© Molly Roxx. All rights reserved.