We are looking for MODELS, WRITERS, POETS, ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS…Everyone who wants their voice to be heard and/or face to be seen!

Models send- 5+ photos (no selfies)

The name you go by.

Any photographer credits you may have.

Anything you would like to share with your public…A bio or stats or a thought or links, or all.

Writers send- The writing piece you want us to publish

The name you go by.

Photos- 2 headshots. 

(Photographer credits if you have them)

Poets send-

The same as the writers. (See above)

Artists send-

Photos of the art you would like published.

The name you go by.

2 headshots (Photographer credits if you have any)

Any links to your art that you would like to share.

Photographers send- 

The photos you would like to submit along with the name of the model or the name of the subject of your photos.

Please include the name you go by and your photography links.

Email everything to: TheFluxZine@gmail.com