Founded September 5, 2019 by Molly Roxx Smith who is well-known in the 3rd party magazine publishing world and has been since 2005.

IModel magazine is professionally published by MagCloud. We do all of the formatting, editing and layout work and MagCloud publishes the magazine. When your magazine is published the price will be from $12.99 - $15.99 plus shipping and handling. As soon your magazine is complete (within 7 days of us replying to your email) you will be sent the link to view and purchase your magazine. Your magazine will then also be available on our site for the public to view and purchase.

Star in your own magazine!

Customized magazines that are all about you, or your modeling group, or your family, or your wedding, or your band... Pictures of you! Writing about you! You're on the front and back cover! Professionally edited and published. A great addition to your resume. A great gift for a loved one. A great keepsake for your friends/fans! If you would like an IModel Magazine dedicated to you and only you, to use as part of a resume/portfolio or just as a nice keepsake, I will design one for you, and put it together with the publisher. You just have to send me 60+ pics of just you. The only charge for this is the cost of each magazine. I am doing the work for free to help promote you! Email: . Send as many emails as needed to get all of your photos to me. There is no deadline, but first come first serve. Make sure to number and label each email you send to me. Also, please include the info below: We are now accepting applications for models. Models must be aged 18 or older, all sizes and sexes welcome. Applicants please email us the following: 60 or more photos of yourself with Your name: Stage name (if you use one): Age: A mini bio about yourself: Any links you would like to share: You do not have to have any previous modeling experience to apply. All photos must be large and clear and owned by you, they do not have to be professional. No mirror reflection photos with cell phones in them will be accepted. If you send professional photos they will not be edited, but you will need to request a photo release and you will need to fill it out and return it to us before we can put your magazine together. When you send us your photos you are giving us permission to edit and publish your photos. Please email everything to: If you have watermarked/logo stamped photos you will have to fill out a photo release and make sure you are allowed to have your photos published in our magazine. All other photos should be large, clear, and un-cluttered.