Modification Gallery magazine

-Modification Gallery is for people who simply love the culture, style and art of tattoos and other body modifications.

-This is a look book magazine.

-Body Mods aren’t just art, they’re a way of life for many people.

-Modification Gallery does away with interviews, editorials and unnecessary writing in favor of photography only. It’s a pictorial magazine, bringing to you pictures of people from all walks of life.


Modified Models Wanted!


All sizes and sexes welcome to apply.

Must be aged 18 or older.


No selfies

Photos do not have to be professional, but they must be large, clear, and 100% owned by you.

When you send us photos, you are giving us permission to edit them.

If they are watermarked or logo stamped the only editing that may be done to them is re-sizing.

No edited photos.

Watermarks and logos are ok if you have your photographer’s permission to publish.

Copy and paste the application below with all of the info filled in and email it to us.

Include 6+ photos

Name you go by:


Your Birth year:



Body Modifications:

Your links:

Artists and Ads wanted! 

Send us your work with your name, links, and any other info you want published. 

There is NO CHARGE for any of these services.

We use a 3rd party professional publishing service which means, no free magazines.

Please make sure to send us any photographer credits we may need to publish.

Send everything to email: