Since Feb.19, 2006 the Utopia Gals have been known as fabulous, strong, beautiful, women of the world. We have gone through a variety of changes. A variety of themes, and a variety of guidelines. One thing has always stayed the same, our purpose…Our purpose is to show the beauty of every woman.

The benefits of being a Utopia Gal:

 You get to be a part of our monthly, professionally published, full color magazine/newsletter full of photos and bios and more!

You get to be featured on our websites and social media.

You will get to take part in a variety of women empowerment projects. (All profits will be donated to a variety of women’s charities)

You will get the personal satisfaction of knowing you are a strong, beautiful woman and role model.

There is no currency for this opportunity and there is no charge. (Our monthly publications have a price, but you will NEVER be required to purchase any of them).

By sending us the following application filled out and the required photo submissions you also agree to the following terms:

We can use your photos on all our sites, but we are not required to use any or all of them and you will not hassle us about that. We have the right to edit any/all photos you send us.

We can use your photos in our publications and on our sites.

We have permission to edit your photos using any or all the following editing tools:

Skin smoothing

Red eye reduction



Lighting adjustments

Clarity adjustments

New backgrounds 

Application guidelines:

You must be aged 18+. All sizes ALWAYS welcome. (Women only)


Name you go by:


Contact Email:

Any links for you that you would like to share:

Mini bio about yourself. A MINIMUM of 100 words.

Thank you! 

You must send a MINIMUM of 2 photos…no exceptions! 

Please send everything to email: