VFF, otherwise known as Very Full Figured magazine is a magazine that features beautiful, plus-sized models. On this page you will see how to apply to model and you will see how to order one of our magazines.

We are a volunteer magazine/project for all those who apply. We do not pay models or writers as we are using a 3rd party publisher and we too have to pay for our copies of the magazine; Which also means, no free magazines.

We do not use photographer releases so we do not accept watermarked or logo-stamped photos. Photos DO NOT need to be professional. We do have a credits page for photographers, mua, and hairstylists if you want to send us their credits. You must 100% own the photos you send us.

You must be aged 18 or older and sized 14 or larger to be published in our magazine.

If you are interested in being in our magazine please email us the following:

5 or more photos of yourself with:

Your name:

Stage name (if you use one):





Eye color:

Town and state you reside in:

Any modeling links you may have:

 You do not have to have any previous modeling experience to apply. All photos must be large and clear and owned by you. No mirror reflection photos with cell phones in them will be accepted. We do not accept edited photos, watermarked photos or logo stamped photos. We do not accept car selfies. When you send us your photos you are giving us permission to edit and publish your photos.

Please email all of the above to: vffmagazine@gmail.com

Click on the cover of the magazine you're interested in. You will then be directed to a preview of the magazine and the option to purchase it.