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An anti-inflammatory diet involves eating nutrient-rich, whole foods that reduce inflammation in the body. It contains plenty of fibre, antioxidants, and omega-3s. This means a diet rich in vegetables, whole fruit, whole grains, legumes, and fatty fish – that is as unprocessed as possible.


I feel like my entire adult life has been dieting. I never seem to get it right. Either the diet I choose doesn't work for my body type, or I don't like it and I cheat and just stop following it. I know for a diet to be successful it cannot really be a temporary thing. It needs to be a whole new lifestyle...So I am trying again. I am going to follow the basics of an anti-inflammatory diet. It is supposed to be really good for people with MS and arthritis, and I have both. I have purchased "The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Beginners" book and a slow cooker anti-inflammatory cook book. I really, truly just want to be healthy. I have no need to be a size 4. I have no need to look younger than I am. I just want to be pain free. Now that I have gotten all of the toxic people out of my life, settled into my new home, got my business on a very good and exciting path, I have a little room left in my brain for one more thing, getting healthy. Hopefully this new diet plan will be the one that works for me...83437's a charm...Right? 

The approved food list has a lot of vegetables I have never heard of...Guess I need to expand my horizons past the Wal-Mart produce section. 

So far I enjoy this diet. I have learned a great new recipe for Stuffed peppers, and I have been more regular than regular lol...Oh well, the weight has to come off somehow...

This is my vegan chili recipe which I have been making forever and it fits perfectly into the anti-inflammatory diet. The recipe is quite simple but oh so yummy!

Basically...Dump all of the following ingredients into a crockpot, and mix them together.

3 Cans various beans

1 Jar mushroom buttons

1 Medium sized jar of Pace Picante

Chili powder to taste

Cook on low for 4 hours.


I have been sick as a dog for the last week. RSV and a bronchial infection. Yesterday was my last day of antibiotics and I still feel like crap, but I do have a tiny bit more energy than yesterday, so fingers crossed! My diet has been going great! I get to eat this 15-grain bread which is amazing. I have never been into bread, but I love this stuff, it is by Pepperidge Farms. I also am eating a lot of fresh veggies and steamed veggies and vegan chicken patties…the best ones are called “Chix Patties” by: Morning Star Farms. I have actually been almost pain free for 4 days, which for me is a miracle! Up until about a week ago I was taking 3 Advil 3-4 times a day, and now, I don’t take any. The anti-inflammatory foods are really doing their jobs as advertised! Plus, I have lost some weight. In our society no one cares how you feel, they just care how you look…Well my rings are fitting looser and so are my shorts and undies, so a few pounds have dropped off, but I am not in pain…That’s what matters to me!


I am still sick, but I am slowly getting better. My diet is still going great! Today for lunch I am having a fresh, sliced orange bell pepper, a veggie-chix-patty, a few garlic stuffed green olives, some black sliced olives and a handful of mushrooms topped with a tbs. of Italian dressing and a shake of some dried red pepper. YUM!


Made myself an entire pound of food for lunch today. A mixture of green and yellow zucchini, mushrooms, and onions mixed with a little soy sauce. An entire pound of food and only 70 fat free calories. Life could be worse lol.


Ok, one of the reasons this diet is perfect for me is I can do all of my odd food combinations that I love, and they all fit in with the diet guidelines. Here is my lunch. It is celery, pickles, mushrooms, and yellow bell pepper. Topped with a bit of LiteHouse ranch dressing. The best ranch dressing in the world!


Today’s lunch is a power blend by Birdseye. I love all of their vegetarian choices! It has sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, chickpeas, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, and kale. Very yummy!

No one likes dieting, but I do find that if you change your attitude about it, it becomes a lifestyle, and it just comes easily and there are no cravings. I had a few cravings in the beginning, but now I am turning down ice cream and pasta and all of my other old favorites. You just have to find the correct way of eating for your body, mind, and spirit. The anti-inflammatory lifestyle is what works for me. It is my new lifestyle. It is not a diet. Diets are temporary, which is why they don’t work. This is my life now, and it works!