I’m Molly Roxx, writer, model, editor, photographer, blogger, activist, mother, artist, and Sarcasm Queen.  

I’m mostly known for my modeling, my body positive campaign No Body Ridicule, My 3 novels, and my magazine editing.

I’ve been a professional model, writer, editor, and promoter for many, many years. 

Apparently…I AM FAT!

I would have never known it if the unpleasant man waiting for the bus in front of Wal-Mart last week hadn’t told me. I then had it confirmed by an older woman at a different Wal-Mart (a few days later) that I am fat, and obscenely, and obnoxiously tattooed. Thank you complete strangers for pointing these things out in such a loud, and rude way! Oh and in front of my child! He loves when complete strangers point out the obvious. Come on! Do you really think I don’t know that I am fat and tattooed?? The difference between my knowledge of my size and my ink and the bystander’s knowledge of my size and ink is…I am ok with it. I have no issues with my size. I am quite comfortable and well, kinda foxy if I do say so myself, and I do! And, my tattoos are not obscene. They are a picture book of my entire life. They are not meant to mean anything to anyone but myself. I got my ink on my body for me. Sure, people can see my ink and my fat, but they can look the other way or accept me as a human being as I am one. One with feelings. And my feelings towards fat haters are…Fuck off. Short and sweet lol…I like me. I know I am smart and generous and funny and caring…You don’t wanna get to know me because of my outer appearance? That really is your loss. It will never be my loss to not get to know prejudice imbeciles.

I have a few very thin friends that get yelled at by strangers too. “Eat a cheeseburger!” “Stop puking your dinner!” You know what needs to stop? Body ridiculing! So…I started the No Body Ridicule campaign because, no matter how you look, you have the right to feel comfortable in your own skin without punishment.


These are my 4 best sellers. Just click on their picture(s) to be redirected to more information.

This book is 50% actual and factual…50% exaggerated and fictionated. An angry woman living in a society that is against her because she is not skinny. She is not wealthy. She does not hide. Struggling to make it as a plus sized model at a larger than plus sized size and an older than spring chicken age.
The second novel by Molly Roxx Smith it picks up right where BitterSweet left off.
Karma-the continuance of: It Is What It Is

Some new writings, and thoughts and some old ones… A compilation of my soul as a whole…


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