When did we as a society decide that the garbage man is not as important as the doctor? The doctor saves lives with surgeries and therapies...The garbage man saves lives by taking away waste covered in bacteria, germs, and diseases...Seriously, you can't live in filth however, you can die in it. Why is a house wife "just" a house wife? She cooks, cleans, takes care of children... She balances budgets and makes appointments...she corrects homework and walks dogs and irons...Why does society frown on the heart of who they are? We are a society of garbage men and waitresses and babysitters and dog walkers and plumbers and cashiers...There are a few doctors and lawyers thrown in here and there...Why are we supposed to think they are better than the  majority of us because they paid more to learn a profession? So the fuck what? Does a pool cleaner all of a sudden matter less because he cannot sew stitches? Can you balance the chemical level of a pool correctly? I don't care how menial you think someone's job is, it takes a skill. Everyone has a skill. Everyone is important. We have to start acknowledging and respecting that before this world just completely falls apart...It's close to that point right now. We're the ones who have to stop it from happening.


Black Friday...A day I always plan to stay home...Not even to venture out to the mailbox. A day of insanity and nonsense...And every year...I end up needing to go to a store no matter how well I plan...Last year Zac was playing hide all the TP and I needed to counteract his winning techniques...This year, we are completely out of cat food. Furry little bastards will be the death of me!


The person who pays $1200.00 for a pair of shoes without a second thought, but thinks that the person who made them doesn't deserve $15.00 an hour to make them...Is the same person who goes to a restaurant and buys a piece of veal that is microscopic and pays $49.50 for it and tips 3%. That person, is the problem with this world. You are not any better than anyone else. Throwing money away on "things" instead of investing it in people...Life...You're doing it wrong.

Why I deleted a woman from my Facebook friend list. She commented on a picture of me with this comment…”I have that same pajama shirt!”

It was not a pajama shirt I was wearing in the photo. It was a lounge wear shirt which is a term some stores use to describe clothes that are not pajamas but at the same time not everyday wear either. The top is a tank top with polka dots on it. A few other ladies commented on my pic saying they owned the same shirt I was wearing and I didn’t delete them. Why? It has nothing to do with the fact that I may have or may not have been wearing a sleep shirt in a pic. I have pictures of me on Facebook with bags on my head and hair dye dripping down my face. Trust me, this is not a pride issue. The situation is, the ladies who said they had the same shirt, well, it’s just a comment. It’s a cute shirt. It was very inexpensive. I am sure thousands of ladies own the same shirt. I have 2 of them myself. The lady who had to mention that it was a pajama shirt…that’s not normal. That’s a person who tries to put negative attention on people. ‘Look at her in her pajamas!!!’ Hoping people will point and laugh that I was wearing said shirt with jeans and hanging out outside. There’s a little malice in a comment like that. The person can deny that they meant anything negative with the little comment, but I wouldn’t believe it. If I see someone in a picture wearing pink sneakers I do not write ‘I got those same K-Mart shoes!’ I may say ‘hey, I have shoes like those and I love them!’ There’s a huge difference. The difference is, if a stranger tries to throw you under the bus in front of a crowd, no matter how subtle it may seem, they will do it again. They will do it behind your back. They will do it to you and about you…Some people need to do things like that. They need to make themselves feel good with tiny little negative comments about others. A lot of the time it starts miniscule and grows to gigantic proportions. The second I spot it, I distance myself from it. It’s part of staying happy. Have I worn actual pajamas in a picture before? Yup. Do I care if people knew they were pajamas? Nope. It’s not about that. It’s the difference of my saying I love your earrings! Or… I love your earrings though I know they are just painted and obviously not gold. If you do not understand the difference that is fine, but I do. Human behavior is very telling. Will some people think I am just a snob after reading this? Yeah probably…To each their own.

Dealing with odd family issues all day and someone asks me...If I could lay eggs like a chicken would I take advantage of it and cook and eat them...Dear cousin...you go eat your children and tell me how it goes and then I will answer your question. This is my family. This is why I need to start drinking...


To all of you Christians who believe that Christianity is the only important religion and who shun others who are not Christians...Let me introduce you to this Jewish bro...Jesus...


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