Hi, my name is Molly Roxx. I am a mother and a published writer. I am a retired model and an on again off again blogger. I am a social media addict and above all, just your normal every day loud mouth politically minded, crazy person.  Throughout the craziness that we call life I get a lot of people writing to me asking me for advice on relationships, work, modeling, and various issues that get tossed everyone's way from time to time. Because of this I figured I would change my modeling website to a sort of Dear Abby type of site. Send your questions in and I will answer them here. Remember, I have no training in this, I just say what I feel is right. If you do not want your name published on this site, sign your letter with a fake name. I will do my best to answer all serious letters in a timely manner. 
My email for this site is: AskMollyRoxx@gmail.com


Molly Roxx is not a licensed therapist. 

Send all questions to email: AskMollyRoxx@gmail.com  Advice column started 8-21-17.