Molly Roxx (born March 12, 1975),  is an American model, writer, photographer, magazine editor, and retired actress. Most notable for her work with The Ample Angelz, VFF Magazine, and her freelance modeling in over 40 magazines. Her positivity and vision have been compared to the modeling style of Emma Meyer and the writing style of Virginia Woolf. 
Please visit all of the pages on this website to see all of the projects that Molly has created and that she runs, perhaps you will be a part of one or more of them!

The Molly Roxx Universe mission:

To promote people of all shapes, sizes, sexes, and styles.

To show every type of beauty there is.

To be ‘in your face’ to as many people as we can be,

because EVERYONE needs to open their minds to the diversity that beauty holds.

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