Molly Roxx (Smith)

3-12-75  39
5’11 ½ “ 
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Olive greenish/hazel 
Body Type:
Wiccan to a point. Very spiritual. Nature lover. I do believe in God. I do not worship in a church. I was raised Catholic. The bible is ridiculous and contradicts itself too much to believe. It is a nice read though.
Do you write a blog?
I do, it is on the ‘Blog Off’ page of this site.
Does it get a lot of hits?
About 3000 a month. 
Would you consider yourself an interesting person?
Sometimes I do fascinating things.
I currently live in KY which is a very comfortable place for me to live. It is slightly southern so it is very affordable but it is still Midwest so it is current and offers both city, country and subdivision life. There are all types of people who live here from severely poor to severely rich and they are all shapes and sizes and nationalities and styles. I love to people watch so I enjoy the variety. I have one wonderful teenage son. He has some special needs and disabilities and even with all of his life’s challenges, he is the happiest person I have ever met. I am also a mom to 2 doggies. A fat little long haired Chihuahua named Pogo who will be 7 this Oct. and a cute little Dorkie, well that’s what I call her anyway lol. She is part Yorkie and part Dachshund and she is ditzy. She is awesome tho and protects my son and is by his side every time he has a seizure. Both dogs are rescue dogs and they round off our little happy family quite nicely.
I do not really have a specific job title other than C.E.O. of RoxxStarr Media. ( I write, market, webmaster, model, photograph, edit magazines and pictures, paint abstract art…I do whatever I can with an artistic flair. I enjoy my life A LOT. I do have Tuberous Sclerosis, Multiple Sclerosis, SVT, Hypothyroidism, Asthma, and Epilepsy…So my life is a bit of a challenge but I figure without so many challenges I would be awfully bored, so it’s not too shabby.
I was in a funk when my autobiography came out a little over a year ago but since moving out of Florida, where I lived at the time…Well things have just gotten better. The humidity and heat are just awful for people with Asthma and MS and I was sick and miserable every day there…I am better now. Not perfect, but who is?
I enjoy modeling and don’t mind my looks but that’s not what I am about and if that is what people think I am about, well that’s not it, so here we go!
My main reason for living is to take care of my son and to help him grow and progress as much as possible while he is as healthy and happy as he can be. Daily we play and exercise and home-school and eat and read and do puzzles and art projects go to parks and much more. After that it is to be a good pet parent to my 2 adopted/rescued animals both who were unwanted and not treated well in their former homes. Then I want to write and research and help the world figure out natural cures for various neurological conditions/issues and illnesses. I am a certified natural health consultant among other things and have a fascination with neurology and herbs/minerals/cell studies and various other biological sciences and natural remedies cures and cultivations.
I am on a personal mission to end a variety of neurological and gene mutation issues which I research daily.
I also model and write for a living. I work for 2 agencies and survive on catalog and merchandise work mostly with the occasional magazine and promo or local commercial. I have also been in a few videos and movies and other things either local, low budget or as an extra. I have a few published books currently available and am working on several more at every moment of every day. I of course need to make a living to support us. I also am a huge no pun intended size advocate. I would be regardless of my size because I want everyone happy and healthy and by healthy I mean mentally healthy with themselves. I was brought up to hate and despise myself because of my appearance which was never bad and until I was in my 20’s was never large. I don’t want people to ever feel the way I was forced to feel about myself as I was being raised.
I am here to be a friend. To treat those who truly treat me with kindness, with kindness in return.
I am a very serious person. I am a very intense person. I am a very focused person. But, I am a ham and full of sarcasm and rather goofy most of the time as well.

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