I am a publicist to stars & potential stars.
I have 18 years of experience in the recruitment and promotion of new and experienced models.
This is what I do: I promote models, model hopefuls, photographers, writers, and musicians via magazines, social networking, individual ads, websites, and industry sites and publications. 
There are 18 different modeling, writing, and free promotion opportunities for people of all shapes, sizes, styles, and sexes on www.MollyRoxxUniverse.us.

No experience required.
Professional photos not required.
Must be aged 18 or older.
I do everything via internet/email so you can be located ANYWHERE and work with me!


Today is the first day of my Nutrisystem lifestyle. It is rather expensive in my opinion, but it is easier than going to the store and prepping meals. The convenience aspect is great. I have had breakfast so far. I had some chi tea, plain and some biscotti bites. Both very good. I am going to have a snack in a bit as this diet does allow for snacks. They have a phone app to track your progress but it is not compatible with my $29.00 android phone lol so I am just going to write everything down, which is easier for me anyway.


This is the last day of the first week of my diet. So far so good. Seriously, it's really easy! Most of the food is great and filling. I am not hungry, in fact yesterday, I went to sleep with calories to spare. I don't feel like I have lost any weight, but I don't think I will until 20 or more pounds falls off me...I hope it continues to stay this easy! I'll let ya know. ;-) 

I got a new kitten yesterday. Her name is Blossom. Ziggy is madly in love with his new little sister...She is still iffy about him.
Started month 2 of my diet. So far so good. The Chicken Bianca pizza is AMAZING! I do not know if you're on a diet or not, but it doesn't matter. Go to the Nutrisystem website and order you a pizza or two!
I actually have no idea if I have lost any weight. I feel  my face and neck look a slight bit slimmer. My clothes fit the same. Of course, I am only 4 weeks along...And, as all dieters wish, I want to be at my goal weight now cuz I have worked hard enough and long enough lol...Really, I have no numer goal. I just need to get healthier, so I guess I can keep continuing on this journey of mine. So far, I honestly gotta tell ya...this diet has the best tasting food out of all of the diets I have ever tried, and the meals just show up at my doorstep. A tasty  convenient  diet...Who'd a thunk it??
Well another birthday has passed and now I am 48. I brought in my newest year in the ER with pneumonia. I tell ya, I hate being sick! I am better now. Took all the meds. Ate all the healthy foods. Stayed in bed for a few days. Did all the stuff I was supposed to do...but it just stinks cuz it happened on my birthday. Oh well, it could have been worse. I wasn't alone. I have a roof over my head. I have friends and family all around. My Ziggy Piggy big fat kitty snuggled with me non-stop until I was all better. We gotta be grateful for what we have at all times.

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